The 1000hp Supercharged Corvette is on its Way to Les Stanford Chevrolet

So you don’t think the 2019 ZR1 with 755hp is powerful enough for you? Les Stanford Chevrolet has you covered. You can now drop by and order up a new 2019 Grand Sport with an even 1,000hp!

Yes, there are other aftermarket companies offering modifications for your new Corvette, some that even go higher than 1,000hp, but this is a factory ordered and warrantied Grand Sport. When you order this, or the lower powered 835hp version, the car goes from Chevy to Specialty Vehicle Engineering, and then back to our dealership for you to pick up completed. The cost is not cheap for these extra horses though. First you have to order and buy a Grand Sport.

Make sure you check the box on option Z07 that bundles improved brakes, suspension and aerodynamic parts to help keep the car on the ground. Then you have to pick the Stage II package for $68,995  (manual), $77,995 (automatic). Chevrolet/Specialty Vehicle Engineering will only sell 25 of these, so if  you want one, you better hurry to Les Stanford Chevrolet. You can order by phone and put your deposit on a credit card if you can’t get here. Call us at 800.699.8388.

Courtesy of Corvette Mike.