Test Your Knowledge of Corvette History with These Facts

Think fast! Who was the first person to race a Corvette at Le Mans? (Briggs Cunningham, in 1960). How about the first Corvette to not come with a trunk? (They didn’t have them for almost 20 years). When did Corvette roll out the first Stingrays? (1963). Did you know any of those?

Study up on Corvette’s rich history with 25 facts courtesy of Hagerty. For example, all of the Corvettes produced in the first nine years of the vehicle’s history were convertibles. The first model to offer a coupe, the C2 Corvette, came out in 1963.

Find out how much you know about one of America’s greatest sports cars.

25 Corvette facts that every enthusiast should know [Hagerty]